Julie Goulding Fine Art Paintings

Julie Goulding’s earliest influences were the Flinstones and Desperate Dan,and all the other graphic characters that lived in the childrens’ colourful Comic weeklies : with such cool titles as, ‘Dandy’,‘Beano’ and ‘Whizzer and Chips’. It helped that her parents owned a Newspaper store (in the days when everyone read at least one daily newspaper!) as not only could she read every comic printed, but she could also sample the freebie candies 'loosely' sellotaped to the comics.

At the tender age of 5, after a couple of ultimately unsuccessful escape attempts from the local institution, known as Primary school, she settled down to drawing; and entertained teachers and kids alike with her cartoon sketches.

After a rather circuitous route, "you'll never make a living from art", she enrolled at University to take her second B.A.(Hons.) degree, the long anticipated study of Fine Art; it was there that she learnt the rigorous classical techniques of observational drawing and oil painting. Whilst studying the history and philosophy of art, she developed a deep appreciation of the Renaissance painters.

Julie was lucky to find,and to choose a rare Art College, one which very consciously rejected mainstream fashionable art. Most Art College degrees promote the Dada Anti-drawing and Anti-painting movement, celebrating Duchamp's 'Urinal' as the starting point for art theory and practice.

Julie studied under the professorship of the prestigious and internationally renowned Cubist-Realist painter, Clive Head, who has exhibited at the National Gallery, London and the Louis. K. Meisel Gallery, in New York.

In Julie’s practice, her paintings express the need to make connections with the beauty of a place, the need to mirror what we see and feel when looking at the architecture of the created landscape, and at the given landscapes of nature with its beautiful skies, its bodies of water, and its changing seasons. Her way of looking often has a surreal edge and a focus on spatial relationships as seen through geometric forms.

Subject matter is that of naturalism and narrative, which, for her, must overlay the design aesthetics of abstract composition.

The paintings often imply a narrative of journeys, and they suggest that our one life is somewhat fleeting when contrasted with a sense of timelessness felt through nature, and history. A sense of timelessness that we perhaps desire through our complex beliefs based upon faiths.

Julie Goulding has exhibited extensively in juried public galleries and art fairs, and is the recipient of nationally esteemed painting awards.

Images may be downloaded for personal use only. All works are copyright of the artist.