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Vertical View of the Wetlands.
oil painting on canvas
48x16 inches/120x40 cm

This oil painting is a vertical/long-style composition, the view is of the early spring, when the snow has melted and the land is sodden.
In the foreground, soft light is reflecting from the log which sits in the blue waters; and in the middle distance we can see the bright oranges and reds of the dogwood. Looking into the far distance, the road runs horizontally, its path mapped by the vertical poles carrying the lines of communication.
Along the horizon we see the trees, in many shades of greens, echoing the geometric shapes. The iconic Tree bares its beautiful shape, and we follow its growth, as it quivers into the blues and grey of the sky.

The painting is framed with a simple wood, painted black float frame, that is, a small gap between the canvas and frame which acts as as a visually pleasing framing device. Its overall dimensions are w 17 height depth 1.5 inches.